I am done. Done with everything, with whatever kind of dramas hanging around this place. At first I thought this place was fun, that I can have friends, that everything would be alright, but all of you proved it wrong and I am done. Thank you for everything, I love all my friends, and fuck you all, the ones who secretly hate me behind my back. This blog is now closed. I am done with all of the dramas in this account, and I am actually thinking of quitting the KHR fandom. Though I still have Sawada Tsunayoshi, I am not sure if that one can hang around much as well. I hope you are all happy, since you never want me here. I guess it's just the feeling that you're ignored all the time that ate me up but I can't do this anymore. No more. Just no. If you want to use the url message [nathania-josephine].
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Goodfucking Bye. No new ones!